Khon Kaen city tour

9.00 Khon Kaen City Museum (Hong Munmang Muang)

Hong Mun Mang or Khon Kaen City Museum is situated by the Kaen Nakhon Lake in the town. Hong is the Thai word for the room or tower that keeps treasures; Hong Mun Mang, then, refers to the tower where the historical articles of Khon Kaen are preserved. The museum was established with the aim of linking every community in Khon Kaen together to make people feel proud of their province. The museum is now becoming the centre or research and study where the historical information of Khon Kaen from past to present are separately exhibited in 5 zones
Zone 1: Introduction to Khon Kaen province
Zone 2: history and Culture of Khon Kaen
Zone 3: The Founding of the City
Zone 4: Towns and Lifestyles of Khon Kaen people.
Zone 5: Khon Kaen Today.

10.00 Wat Nongwang

Wat Nong Wang isthe most famous temple in Khon Kaen. Located south of the city on Klangmuang Road, it is an impressive building with its 9 floors showing a bit of the culture, tradition and history of the temple, Buddhism and monks.
This is a must-visit for any stay in Khon Kaen. Especially because in addition to the building and its delightful colorful paintings, each floor has a balcony with floor mosaics representing animals.And the more we climbed the floors, the more we have a beautiful 360 degree view over the city and Khon Kaen's lake(Bung Kaen Nakhon lake) Just opposite.

11.00 Wat Thung Setthi

12.00 Have Lunch at Kantmani Restaurant

13.00 Khon Kaen University

14.00 Demonstration School Khon Kaen

15.30 Souvenir shop

16.30 Central plaza shopping Mall

18.00 Come back to Hotel


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